The 17th Economix: Global Economic Challenges promotes “Inequality in the Modern Era: An Unresolved Question” as this year competition’s grand theme. The competition will provide its participants the chance to test their brilliant ideas, gain new insights, and enhance their personal skills on pressing issues related to our grand theme. As the main competition, participants will be challenged to create a research paper and present it in front of experts. In doing so, participants will have to analyze three main subthemes centered around the issues surrounding gender inequality, the digital divide, and political instability and populism as a result of inequality.

This international competition is opened to all undergraduate students from universities all over the world. Participants of the paper competition consist of two-person teams, with no minimum threshold for each university to send their teams to the competition.

Top 12 Teams based on paper assessment will take part in the next two stages, Head to Head Stage and Grand Final Stage in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the Head to Head stage, the team of adjudicators will assess participant’s paper presentation, participant’s knowledge and participant’s speech about topics related to the sub-themes which have been provided. In the Grand Final stage, the team of adjudicators will evaluate the discussion of a case study to determine the winner of 17th Economix: Global Economic Challenges competition.