Economix : Global Economic Challenges is an annual international event held by KANOPI FEB UI, a student organization run by undergraduate economics students at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. Our event aims to be the medium for Undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to share, discuss, and find potential solutions to current global economic issues. Moreover, Economix embraces these various world cultures and hosts additional casual events to facilitate an enriched cultural exchange. Undergraduate students from countries all over the globe can take part in our three main events : International Seminar, Competition, and Economix-MUN. Undergraduate students can also take part in our mini event called Mini Essay.

The grand theme of the 15th Economix : Global Economic Challenges this year is “The Resurgence of Neo-Protectionism: A changing world”. With the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995, international trade faced its biggest reform since the World War II. Economic barriers between countries in the world are gradually alleviated and countries started to open their economies. However, two decades after the reformation, worldwide approach on international trade started to show its signs towards a rollback paradigm. The phenomena of United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum and Donald J. Trump’s triumph in the United States Presidential Election, both in 2016, ensured the revolutionary rollback towards the old protectionism approach, in a new way. Since the trend towards neo-protectionism has hitherto been followed by several countries, worldwide economy needs to reshape its system thoroughly, from macro perception to the industrial level, in order to withstand challenges from a changing world.